About us


Dar Aya Atlas  – Guest House in the high Atlas mountain

         Offers a new way to travel, taking your time, participating in the preservation of Berber heritage of the High Atlas. We aim to help you discover the richness of the Berber culture of the High Atlas.

          In the valley of Bougmez , people have preserved the traditions of the Berbers: Patriarchal family life, hospitality, amazing language, adobe architecture, attics Ighrem defense, agriculture and pastoralism …

         For your visit, you participate in the development and protection of the culture and maintenance of life in the Atlas .

The Eco-lodge – Dar Aya Atlas, is an ideal base for exploring the region, customs and Berber tra

ditions, soak up the difference and the magic of the place, share some special moments.

During your stay you will have access to many activities and tours we have designed to be easily achievable.